Born on February 20th, 1978 in İstanbul. 1996 / Graduated from İstanbul Özel Semiha Şakir Koleji. 1998 / Had to abandon her undergraduate BA degree in the Oxford Brookes University due to health reasons resulting from a traffic accident she was involved in. 1999 / Met with the art of ceramics as part of her physical therapy. 1999 // 2000 / Started painting as a student of painter Nilüfer Tokay. 2000 // 2004 / Took painting lessons from the painter İrfan Önürmen. 2004 // 2007 / Continued her paining education with Antonio Cosentino and exhibited in three group exhibitions. 2009 / Lives in Bodrum and continues painting with the sculpist and painter Rıftat Koçak.